Carport Prices

How much does a carport cost you might ask. Carport prices range from R600 – R2000+ per square meter depending on sizes, shapes and materials. Patio/Entertainment Area Carport prices range from R900 – R2500+ per square meter.

Carports are a cost-effective way to keep your car protected from the elements and add value to your home or office premises. They come in various sizes and materials and are cheaper than garages. 

Here is a useful table with the average cost of carports:

Average Carport Prices  

Please note these are starting from prices excluding VAT and depend on the style, materials and many other factors that will influence the final price.

Single Carport (shade net)3m x 6mR 8 000 – R15000+
Double Carport (shade net)6m x 6mR 12 500 – R20000+
Single Carport (Metal/Aluminium)3m x 6mR 16 400 – R 30000+
Double Carport (Metal/Aluminium)6m x 6mR 24 800 – R60 000+

What determines the price of a carport?

The price of carports depends on various factors:

  • Labour and preparation involved
  • Carport size
  • Carport type
  • Extras (including gabled ends, windows, lighting, lattice or paint)

Labour and Preparation

In order to build your carport, your carport professional will need to prepare the area. This could involve:

  • Digging up grass
  • Levelling the ground
  • Paving
  • Removal of rubble or vegetation
  • Preparing foundations

The more labour and preparation involved, the higher the total cost will be. 

Carport Size

Carports generally come in 2 sizes:

  • 3m x 6m (single carport)
  • 6m x 6m (double carport)

If you need your carport to accommodate more cars, your carport pro can construct a customized carport but this will push up the price of the carport. 

Carport Type

There is a wide range of carports to choose from:

  • Shade net carports
  • Hard roof carports (eg. metal or aluminium)
  • Enclosed shade net or hard roof carports

Shade net carports are the most cost-effective option, while hard roof carports are more expensive. 

Carport Extras

Standard carports provide all the protection your car needs, but you might want to add some extras

Lighting is a great security feature, while custom paint, varnish, gables and lattice edges make the carport an attractive feature. 

Price of Flat Roof Carport with Open Desig

Flat roof carports with an open design have fewer poles and can be very wide to accommodate several cars. 

The price of open design, flat roof carports starts at R600 per square metre within a 20km radius. 

The average price of a 6m x 6m flat roof (open design carport) starts at R21000 (excluding VAT) in Johannesburg. 

Price of Flat Roof Carport with 3-Side Panel Design

3-side panel carports can be attached to a wall or building and are great to use as patios

The cost of a 3-side panel design carport starts at R650 per square metre. Expect to pay R45 per square metre for every 20 km traveled to you for delivery. 

Pricing of a 6m x 6m 3-side panel design carport costs around R27720 (excluding VAT) in Johannesburg. 

Price of Flat Roof Carport with L-Beam

L-beam carports give plenty of height and are ideal for high clearance vehicles. 

Pricing of Flat roof, l-beam carports starts at R1450 per square metre including installation. An extra R70 per square metre should be added for every 20km traveled to you. 

A 6m x 6m l-beam carport costs about R54 720 (excluding VAT) in Johannesburg.

Price of Flat Roof Carport Patio with CromoDek Design

CromoDek is a very durable material and is an attractive alternative to steel or metal carports. 

Flat roof CromoDek carports prices start at R3200 per square metre including installation. Factor in an extra R70 per square metre per 20km traveled to you. 

A 6m x 6m CromoDek carport patio in Johannesburg costs around R117720 (excluding VAT).

Price of Pitched A-Frame Carport

A-frame carports give your property a modern look. Since their roofs don’t have standing water after rain, they help prevent mosquito infestations. 

The average price of a pitched a-frame carport is R825 per square metre including installation. Another R45 per square metre will be charged for every 20km traveled to you. A 6m x 6m a-frame pitched carport in Johannesburg is R31320 excluding VAT.

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