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Canopy carports provide the perfect protection for your car. Whether your property is residential or commercial, canopy carports offer an innovative advantage to your vehicle.

These structures can be free standing or connected to the side of a building. They are very versatile and can also be used for storage, entertaining, work, as an animal shelter, or anything else that your lifestyle demands.

Canopy Carports come in a variety of styles and are made to fit any size that you require. Think decorative and functional. Think sleek and modern. Think traditional and sturdy. All of these describe a canopy carport and the advantages it offers you and your property.

You Can Save

Our canopy carports come with the standard four post-structuring or can have walls for added protection.

These carports are perfect for domestic or commercial use and are beautiful no matter where you put them. They are permanent structures and are designed to blend right in with nature, your home or office surroundings.

Protect Your Car with Canopy Carports!

Canopy Carports are highly popular and come in convenient sizes for multipurpose uses. For businesses, they can be used as outdoor parking structures. Upon professional installation, they are power tightened to provide maximum tension for safety and heavy-duty capabilities.

For home canopy carports are the perfect size to park and protect your vehicle and outdoor recreation equipment such as water skis and motorbikes. They are also great for an additional outdoor room for entertaining or to expand your patio.


These amazing structures can be simple or elaborate depending on your needs. For years, they have provided us with dependable and predictable protection and yet new designs and innovation are making them a hot new trend all over again.

Canopy Carports offer sturdy, permanent housing for vehicles, RVs and boats. These structures can have one or two walls for added protection from the elements. The canopy carport is as strong as ever and is professionally installed.

One can always find Do-it-Yourself carport kits on the market but to have a sturdy structure to benefit you for years to come, you should have your carport professionally installed and we specialize in that. Canopy carports are permanent structures that need to be installed for hassle-free protection for your valuable assets.

Email us today to install your perfect canopy carport in South Africa. Let us help you choose the style that is right for you and your needs!

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