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Carports are wonderful additions to any property and provide the space needed to store your car and recreational vehicles. Shaded carports are just for that purpose and so much more! These carports are wonderful temporary storage shelters. They can be either free standing or attached conveniently to your building, to house cars, RVs, boats, or any other recreational vehicle for months on end. Shaded carports keep your vehicle safe against sun, heat and winter conditions.

Their innovative fabric keeps your vehicles cooler inside and blocks off UV rays and the damage they cause. The beauty of the expertly engineered shaded carport is that it can then turn right around and provide the perfect shelter house for entertaining family and friends!

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A shaded carport is comprised of a roof stretched over a sturdy, solid metal frame that is made in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to match your needs. The shadeport itself is made from waterproof UV woven, engineered fabric that has been heat-welded.

This tough synthetic fabric is tough and durable. Shaded carports have been UV treated inside and out with fade blockers. They are also treated with a powder coating to prevent chipping, peeling, corrosion and rust.

Protect Your Car with Shaded Carports!


These carports can withstand strong winds with the fabrics fully intact. Cable tensioned fabrics are sag resistant. Their fabric is coated in an oven-baked powder coat finish and is fully resistant to most weather hazards.

The four post frames are made from factory welded water-tight steel. These carports are very low maintenance. They are dependable and stylish providing years of protection against harsh winter and summer weather.


Shaded carports are simply wonderful structures. The protection that they offer rivals permanent structures and garages. Their strength is reliable and their versatility is worth the investment.

Shadeports can include different amenities and cost a fraction of what a permanent carport costs. They get the job done with dependable materials that can be set up anywhere and feature flexible anchoring systems that work on grass, dirt, gravel, and pavement. They are known as the portable carport with good reason- they are portable! Though, once it is properly mounted and tethered, the shadeded carports shelter offers the Herculean strength that will protect your car from harsh elements over a very long period of time.

These can come in different styles. Each style has its own features and advantages that is unique and desirable for any property set-up.

Call us to install your perfect shadeport today. Let us help you choose the style that is right for you and your needs!

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