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Our carports are made from high quality products on the market. They are powder-coated and UV protected to withstand harsh temperatures and all our climate cares to throw our way. We have an extensive inventory of carports to choose from and will custom build whatever you wish.

We have carports in all sizes and styles to meet your needs. Allow us to install the perfect carport to fit all your needs. Choose your carports from a variety of colours. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Carport installation in Port Elizabeth has never been easier and hassle-free!

You Can Save
in Port Elizabeth

Carports offer a never-ending list of advantages to the home. Use them in place of a garage or as an additional storage place to keep your recreational vehicles and sporting equipment sheltered from the elements. Carports discourage theft.

They also extend our living space allowing us a protected shelter to enjoy the outside air. The carport is a cost-effective way to add on a sheltered patio and can be used for entertaining and barbequing on the braai.

Give Your Car the Protection it Deserves
in Port Elizabeth!

These essential structures provide protection for customer and employee parking. Our carports in provide a modern and colourful twist to traditional carports with the same advantages and a more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

They will all enhance the look of your commercial property. Parking lot carports offer an amenity to customers and potential clients that impress and influence before customer’s even leave their car.


Our company provides an extensive inventory of different designs and structures to choose from in PE. Try our traditional wood and steel carports or go more modern with shade sails. We have just the look to enhance your property and bring new customers to your company.

Whatever your lifestyle, carports have your back and will provide a full spectrum of advantages to make life easier and more carefree! Let us provide your commercial property with a carport in Port Elizabeth that will add value, functionality, and endless possibility to your business.

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