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Carports are needed all over town. They provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays and from other hazards associated with harsh weather. For carports and shade structures, come to us! We provide an extensive inventory of carports in any size and colour to fit your needs.

What we do promise is a carport that will last for years to come. We promise you a structure that is strong and dependable. One that is made from the highest quality products on the market like reinforced steel frames, weather-treated hardwood, state of the art UV protected ultra-strong polyethene canopies, and expert installers ready to install your carport in Pietermaritzburg as cost-effectively as possible.

You Can Save
in Pietermaritzburg

Every home should have a carport. Whether you own a garage or not, carports are versatile and can be used for many other things. Use them to store your secondary vehicles, sporting equipment, RVs, boat, motorbikes, the list is endless.

Carports also add an exciting new space for entertaining family and friends. Use them as an additional outdoor patio or as a sheltered ceiling to stretch over your pool or hot tub. Life can be experienced a number of ways with an additional carport.

Give Your Car the Protection it Deserves
in Pietermaritzburg!

Carports are beautiful structures in parking lots across town. They offer protection for our cars from the harmful rays that come with our sunshine. The sunshine can damage an unprotected vehicle by fading its exterior paint and cracking the windshield.

By installing a carport in your business parking lot, you can ensure that your car and the vehicles owned by your customers are protected from the sun’s UV ray’s. Carports are essential to our commerce.


Our company provides an extensive inventory of different designs and structures to choose from in Pietermaritzburg. Let us provide your commercial property with a carport that will add value, functionality, and endless possibility to your business. We have just the look to enhance your property and bring new customers to your company.

No hassle. No pushy add-on sales. Only guaranteed quality, friendly customer service, and effortless installation. Choose from our extensive inventory or place a custom order. The choice is yours and we strive for your satisfaction.

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