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We have what that you are looking for in carport innovation and can install your structure expertly, efficiently, and with effortless ease. We are carport installers in Cape Town.

We use high quality materials on the market to ensure that your carport will stand tall and proud with industrial strength and durability for years to come. Our carports are among the strongest and most beautiful in the city.

Browse our inventory or let us custom design a carport just for you. We will build and install your structure hassle-free and have you up and running in no time at all!

You Can Save
in Cape Town

Carports are marvellous for the home property. They can be built free standing or attached to any building and offer protection from the wind, the sun, and the sea air.

For properties without a garage, carports are inexpensive to have installed and will help to protect your car from the harsh elements. If you already have a garage, carports are wonderful structures to provide added storage space for additional vehicles, RV’s, boats, and other recreational equipment.

Give Your Car the Protection it Deserves
in Cape Town!

Carports even provide a protective space for your braai, hot tubs, children’s play areas, and outside patio furniture. Installing a carport is a smart move as it also provides an alternative to the covered patio and is ultimately more versatile in its uses in our everyday lives.

Help protect your cars and provide beautiful structures to enhance and improve your business venture!


Cape Town is unrivalled in its beauty. From our vistas to our seashore, we have some of the most splendid displays of natural splendour in the country. Businesses must do their part to help preserve this beauty for the next generations.

One beautiful way to keep our natural beauty as the focal point of our town yet also provide for our resident’s convenience is to install business carports that will blend in with nature’s surroundings. Both Shaded and Canopy Carports in Cape Town can help to enhance our landscape and not detract from it.

Contact us for a quote today and allow us to make a beautiful and protective addition to your property or business.